by Colamo

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released July 16, 2017

james copeland- tenor saxophone
james gibian- drums
peter lewis- vocals and bass
john wallace- vocals, guitar, bass, and synth
lauralee yeary- trumpet

recorded and mixed by james gibian and john wallace
mastered by aaron dowdy



all rights reserved


Colamo New York, New York

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Track Name: Richards
richard died in a skiing accident
i didn’t really know him
but my ache makes the bumps
in the drywall ceiling look like ranges

my friend richard joined the army
he looks more like his dad now
another richard was my best friend
he looks more like his dad now
and he looks out for his dad now

it looks like ranges

richard come on in
where are you when your mom needs you at night?
where are you when your brother and sister need you at night?
Track Name: Horses
in my neck of the woods we tremble
in my neck of the woods we have ceremonies
in my neck of the woods you can borrow my robes
if you return them back to me

we poke fun at horse girls and cowboys
but dream of stables
down the road they kept a horse named party time
and i would visit her occasionally
and i’d clench a saddle
as my grandfather guided a young mare
to the pond where i caught a bluegill
with a little toy fishing pole for the first time
but the last time i held it i didn’t give a fuck
i’m with the city
galloping and leaving it clopped

with my brim down low i’m kicking up dust
through backrooms and crowds
trying to learn how he pulled those faces
of moai out of the ground
and made them broad shouldered
and bending and dancing
Track Name: Diana
she told me i looked like james dean on the highway
i told her she looked like diana

the flooring is right
you are to stairs as i am to tile
i’ll take you for a drive
past the clippety cloppy cattle
that tongue my new hairstyle

but my screwdriver has turned
and it has turned too far
your purple bear likeness
in a plexy glass case
is mounted on my wall
i busted my lip

anthro bunny hold onto your arms dealer (yes)
anthro bunny you are kissing a reptile (no)
Track Name: Dunking Booth
the lawman said 'where is your boyfriend'
and she said 'he’s not my boyfriend'
and detonated her vest
but i don’t sympathize with a cop in a dunking booth
who plays william tell
i’d call this rain jolly drizzle

a guy i called a pig fuck
hit a southbound car northbound
i have lived and i am lived
i’d call this rain jolly drizzle

two guys from high school
i thought were just jocks shot themselves
i didn't know doodly squat
it’s all i think about when i’m back there now

sometimes i deny your embraces
because i love awaiting them
if i were an arms dealer
i’d sell you golden arms
if you were my bride
you’d have an allergy to jewelry