by Colamo

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music composed by Colamo


released August 6, 2012

james gibian- drums and marimba
peter lewis- cello
nick nicewonder- keyboard
john wallace- vocals, guitar, bass, and drums
lauralee yeary- trumpet


tags: pop New York


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Colamo New York, New York

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Track Name: Ruins
I was reborn on a spiritual knoll
I said 'so long' and felt the unworthy hands
that build a mind that built the homes
I shed my worst skin
and saw what my softness withstands
I pulled the glass from my feet again
a tornado meets a mountain

I am ruins

I took a look at what the valley gave us
underneath the scars of slavery
sometimes she sounds like rejoicing
and it's overtaking like silence
like a dog embarrassed of ideal death

I am ruins

In the winds that I shrugged off
I found my love
I found my shelter

when I throw her on the bed
she smiles like it's the only thing
and when I'm no longer turning
I will carve out the mysticism
when her hidden words remain
she smiles like she has left
on the two hills that shine like everything
Track Name: Pillory
whimpering with some cloth in my mouth
I left shore without a treaty
I left the bodies in the mind
of a monarch with half of a face
the water quenches thirst
the food venerates vice

I tasted my own lacking balance
or I am tyranny not a woman
if you sit still it will show
a little how to swing an arm
I wept for my keeper

I am the nature of wires
follow the saint who will guide you home
Track Name: In The Water
I was a room in a dark place
for you I shake and I shake
my hand carves like lateness

I know constant growth
I'm no constant growth

equinox put me in the water
how could I accept your parting flight
Track Name: Slaughter Without Pause
we leave our smallest ways
in the tubes that line the tarp bridge
I've got a few moves
that will turn handshakes into gold
I don't care if I'm tasting knives
in the cracks that I once used for shelter
I'm staggering on words
underneath the grotesque's eye

I rearrange the small lights
I am the dim to hide in
I felt thought and skin at the pressure in the conifer
it was slaughter without pause
Track Name: The Shaking And The Stuttering
maybe I felt everything that you felt
baby I felt everything that you felt
beyond the softness of everything
the softness that we could cut with a blade

my love is on high and my body is stiff
there's comfort that leaves
through a presence and comes back through a presence
so I will remove myself again like a somber shore
and then I stumble down your ice covered stairs

the axe pierced hard
Track Name: The Valley
I will praise all of my teeth
I've been turning for dark and mistaken years
I felt the sacred bends in your hands
now I'm turning for you
and I'm turning for the valley
I'm an ease on my knees in the wires
raise our years on high now
I can hear all exclaims
and taste the dirty water
that the mountain left the lake

I left home like a glacier
now I'll leave like an avalanche
Track Name: Blacktop
I have been a man of tomb
and not a man of temple
my will is concrete because I left for the coveting
the woman washes the sinner's feet with her tears at night
she must have been refreshing to his heart
sorrow won't stop a river
elongated arms could hold me tight
when they leave they leave hard
leaving it all behind

I will rid myself of myself
you will rid yourself of yourself
I thought I felt your ruins on the blacktop